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AIRPOCKET is the new compressed air aspirator for industrial liquids launched by Eurotools.

This product is the best solution available on the market for cleaning machine tools.

It works with compressed air and doesn’t need any electricity.


AIRPOCKET is a long-lasting, robust, powerful and safe product.

The body is made of stainless steel and the hose is oil resistant.

The aspirator has three different nozzles, and it can easily

suck up liquids and slush, even with small parts – max Ø 8 mm.

Thanks to the robust and comfortable trolley it can be moved everywhere

and it can reach any machine in the workshop.


AIRPOCKET is maintenance free, robust, reliable and it can be used continuously.

AIRPOCKET is the most innovative and economic

compressed air aspiration system available on the market.

·  Liquid aspiration.

·  Electricity free.

·  Max suction 130 lt. per minute with nozzle 1.

·  Vacuum 400 Mbar.

·  Maintenance free.

·  Pneumatic functioning

·  It can suck up also small parts (Max dia. 8 mm)

·  Robust, long lasting, versatile.

·  Low air consumption.

·  Do not use with flammable or dangerous liquids.

·  Made in Italy.


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Main applications:

Mechanic and metal working industry (stamping, moulding, cold forming, etc.), packing, assembly, automation industries, ecc.

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