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Vibration, Law and Health

The European Parliament and Council have issued in 2002 the Directive 2002/44/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from vibration.

The Italian government has already implemented this law on June 19th 2005, while most of the other European countries are doing the same.

Even other western countries are starting to regulate the matter of vibration in industrial environment, because it is a physical agent that can affect the health and quality of life of the workers.

            The Directive mentioned above has stated that the daily exposure limit value standardised to an eight-hour reference period shall be 1,15 m/s.


In any industrial environment where mechanical presses, punching presses or other machine tools are operating, such vibration limit is very commonly not respected.

The long term exposure to vibration is known to be harmful. Even in the short term vibration can procure back or leg problems, making the work more difficult and annoying.

Vibration is also harmful to buildings, facilities, plants surrounding the vibration source (for instance: computers, precision machines, etc.). Often vibration wears out the machines and prevent them from working at their full potentials, and they also cause problems with the neighbourhood.

Eurotools has created and patented QuiverDamper (Patented), an innovative vibration damper that can decrease dramatically active and passive vibration, with a vibration damping performance up to 90% of the initial value.


The vibration isolators manufactured by Eurotools S.r.l. were created to reduce the vibration generated by industrial machines, such as mechanical presses, punching presses, industrial plants, air conditioning plants, and several other types of industrial machines. These vibration mounts are also fit to protect precision machines from vibration generated by other sources.

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