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Question: What is QUIVERDAMPER ?

Answer: It’s a new vibration damper for industrial machines, such as mechanical presses, shears punching presses, etc. These vibration mounts solve the vibration problems in industrial environments.

Q.: What is QUIVERDAMPER made of?

A.: QUIVERDAMPER are vibration dampers made with the best materials and manufacturing processes.

As a matter of fact it’s made of aluminium AVIONAL, known for its  low weight and high resistance, used for manufacturing airplanes. The vibration mounts are machined from the solid, in order to guarantee the best vibration damping performances.

Q.: What’s the difference between QUIVERDAMPER and other machine mounts made of rubber?

A.: QUIVERDAMPER is an innovative product, it’s a new international patent.

The differences are many and quite remarkable, for instance the functioning principle, the materials used, the resistance, the duration, and the vibration damping performances.

The majority of the normal vibration dampers available on the market, made of rubber, are not real vibration damping mounts, they can be more properly defined as levelling or machine mounts .

Q.: What performances does QUIVERDAMPER provide?

A.: The performance in vibration damping of our vibration absorbers can be, on proper floors, as high as a reduction of 90% of the initial value of vibration.

Q.: How is QUIVERDAMPER installed?

A.: The procedure is not too complicated. The vibration mounts, once they are placed to the floor, must be perfectly coplanar (in the same plane). Afterwards the machine can be placed.

This is the main process that must be carried out during the installation. More information can be viewed on this page.

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Q.: How are the machine and the vibration mounts levelled?

A.: The levelling is obtained by placing between the floor and the vibration dampers special layers, which are resistant to wear-out and to corrosion, and which are supplied by Eurotools with the vibration absorbers.

Q.: Is the machine fastened to the floor or to the vibration mounts?

A.: On the vibration dampers there are holes for fastening. However, fastening the machine has never been necessary during the several installations carried out.

Q.: What kind of floor is needed?

A.: Generally the best would be a good industrial floor or foundations. Often this is not possible, commonly most of the shops don’t have floors that are fit for industrial activities.

Obviously one cannot expect to achieve great results out of certain situations with bad floors, for instance when the floor is very thin or uneven.

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Q.: Which is the maximum load of these vibration mounts?

A.: There is no weight limit for the vibration control systems QUIVERDAMPER. Thanks to the modularity and versatility of the systems, we are able to work even with very heavy weights. As a matter of fact, our vibration dampers have been successfully installed even in press-forging plants.

The only real weight limit is the minimum value, which should not be any lower than (on four feet) about Kg 1.200.

Q.: Which are the typical applications of QUIVERDAMPER ?

A.: These vibration dampers were born to be used under presses, that’s why one of their main definitions is “press mounts”. The system was conceived to damp vibration that is caused by vertical movements of industrial machines.

That means that the most common applications are mechanical presses, shears and punching presses.

This product however is also able to protect precision machines from passive vibration, the one that comes from other machines in the same shop or in other factories.

As a matter of fact some more applications, other than those mentioned above have been successfully implemented, for instance on spark erosion machines.

Q.: When are the vibration damping mounts unfit?

A.: The system cannot be applied where there are vibration that are caused by horizontal movements.

As a consequence, QUIVERDAMPER is not compatible with machines such as screw presses or horizontal presses. Some new solutions are currently being tested.

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D.: I am interested in your vibration dampers for one/more of my machines. What’s the procedure?

A.: All you need to do to contact us. We will ask you some data of the machines you want to work on (such as the weight, the dimensions, etc.), which you may supply by sending us directly a drawing of the machine or by filling out a special chart that we provide.

Afterwards we suggest the special solution, which is personalized for you and your machine.

Q.: How do I chose the model of vibration mounts I need?

A.: On the website there is the special dimension chart, with which you can have an idea of which model you need.

 However we strongly recommend every customer to always contact us directly and ask for advise. This is because often the machines have certain characteristics (for instance, they maybe too narrow or too high) that request tailored solutions, with the purpose of the maximal safety of the employees and the total customer satisfaction.

Q.: What is the life of QUIVERDAMPER ?

A.: Inside it doesn’t have any parts that are subject to wear-out.

The life of our press mounts is certainly, in normal conditions and with proper applications,a few decades.

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Q.: Is there any machine oscillation, once the vibration mounts are installed?

A.: Yes, but it is minimum under the proper conditions, it’s about 8 tenths of one mm.

Q.: Which benefits will I get with QUIVERDAMPER ?

A.: There are several benefits. The working environment quality of the employees improves, there are less risks for health problems, better neighbourhood relations, the machines are more stable. All this often results in more productivity, reduced machine and tool wear-out and therefore there’s often a good save of money.

Q.: Is vibration harmful to humans?

A.: There are several Italian and international  medical studies that have shown evidence for health damages caused by an excessive exposure of the employees to vibration.

Vibration can cause different health problems, which can be for instance digestive problems, circulatory problems, reproductive problems or back problems.

There was a recent medical study published by ISPESL (the Italian Institute for Safety in Working Environments) has discussed the matter further, covering all the working fields.

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Q.: Which are the maximum vibration values allowed?

Q.: All States have their own laws on this topic, which vary from country to country.

The ISPESL study mentioned above generally refers to a value of 0,6 m/s², beyond which there would be some risks for health damages, but it doesn’t mention the exposition period. On the other hand, the EU directive on vibration says literally, that for the whole body vibration, “the daily exposure limit value standardised to an eight-hour reference period shall be 1,15 m/s²”.

Q.: What are the regulations regarding the industrial vibration?

A.: As it was stated previously, each country has its own laws and therefore we suggest you to contact your local authority in charge for industrial health and safety control.

In a few months most of the European Union states will be obliged to implement In their own legal system the EU directive 2002/44/CE on industrial vibration.

Q.: Will the vibration dampers reduce the noise levels as well?

A.: The noise produced by industrial machines is often caused by the impact of the tools. The vibration mount does not cover or insulate the tools, it is a vibration isolator, therefore it is not logic to expect a great noise reduction after installing any kind of vibration mount.

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Q.: Who are the Eurotools customers?

A.: As far as the vibration damping mounts are concerned, the customers of Eurotools are the best manufacturers of mechanical presses and industrial machines, and the best companies in the mechanic field, the most modern, fore-seeing, dynamic.

Q.: What is the exact definition of “vibration dampers”? Why are there so many synonyms?

A.: The vibration dampers are those devices that are placed under the industrial machines in order to reduce their vibration (or to protect them from vibration coming from elsewhere). They insulate the machinery from the floor and from what’s surrounding them.

The English vocabulary is very broad and indeed there are many possible definitions that can be given to this product category. When we refer to “vibration dampers”, we can also call them:

Vibration mounts, vibration damping mounts, press mounts vibration control systems, vibration isolators, vibration isolation systems, vibration pads, machine mounts, Machinery mounts, vibration damping systems, anti-vibration systems, anti-vibration mounts, anti-vibration pads, vibration insulators, and so on.

Q.: Are there any references?

A.: References are available upon request.

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