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OF QUIVERDAMPER (Patent Pending)

            QUIVERDAMPER (Patent pending) is a new system that eliminates up to 90% of the active and passive vibration. The vibration is absorbed by the supporting stake, which transmits it to the inner springs, varying its frequency. The vibration with the transformed sequence passes subsequently to the central element and to the stake placed in the opposite side of the input direction. The output vibration force is reduced to 10% of the initial value.


         QUIVERDAMPER (Patent pending) supports without problems the working stress up to 10 Hz (600 strokes per minute). Beyond this value  you ought to contact Eurotools, which will provide special solutions for such working conditions.

QUIVERDAMPER (Patent pending) offers the following advantages :

-       Optimal working stability with an oscillation reduction to 0,5 mm, so that the fastening of the machine to the ground is not necessary anymore.

-       Optimal working speed and machine efficiency, more working hours even in the night time, without disturbing the neighbourhood.


-       Best technical solution existing on the market.

-       Protection of technical devices sensible to harmful vibration of other plants, even from outside the factory.

-       Decreased machine wear-out and obsolescence, less maintenance costs and improved functioning of the plants.

-       Increased efficiency of employees, reduction of stress, tiredness and absence on the workplace.

-       Improved productive impact on residential or industrial buildings.

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-       Decrease injury risks, thanks to the special vibration dampers with a height of only 80 mm.

-       Optimal installation practicality, simplicity and easiness, just by placing the system between the plant and the pavement.

-       Rapidity of intervention with a minimal interruption of the production.

-       Personalized solutions based on the specific characteristics of each machine or on eventual needs and specific requests.

-       Best benefit and investment now available on the market.

-       Best quality-price rate.



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